演出節目 program





專輯:Various–Vollmond Music From The Dance Theatre Of Pina Bausch

曲目:To the Hills(Variation 1)

Part Two:Aria




從東方文學中最美麗的形式「詩篇」,轉化成表演藝術創作中最具詩意的媒介「舞蹈」。 以文學詩篇「孩子磁場」為文本,深入詩篇文字中的詩意。將詩意轉化成詩意的身體語言。 舞作「孩子磁場」打破文字語言的藩籬,將文字轉化成肢體語言。她將東方文學更進一步的轉化成肢體語言進而使得其他語言世界的觀眾可以藉由觀賞舞作來進入東方文學,東方思維,東方文化的閱讀。「孩子磁場」是一首結合東西方肢體舞蹈與劇場美學的藝術創作作品。

編舞者顏鳳曦以讀者角度閱讀,舞作以光來表現孩子的角色,光影的互動如母親與孩子間的關係。舞作中具有影子與實體的互動以及動作與影子的互動。動作在溫柔與剛強間交錯。一位舞者以剪影方式呈現,另一位則清楚見到。兩位舞者會由一明一暗處漸漸融為一體,當燈光轉場消失時,母親動作溫柔並充滿著溫暖的擁抱與移動。 音效的設計意象地表示想像中的媒材,以噪音、聲音、旋律的運用,挑戰並牽動觀眾的聽覺。旋律的使用引動舞作的情感。


你是一把溫柔的剪刀,將我剪成母親的形狀,在有光的地方,我是你的影子, 彷彿還懷孕著你,兩人一體。當光消逸之時,我看見獨立的你,而你有強烈的磁性,我黏黏地,再次將你擁抱。




音樂出處:My Name is James–DISNEY


Ventolin(Video Version)–APHEX TWIN

影像設計:Jiou Li



四方的立體空間常存在於生活周圍中,我們常手提公事包,出國推行李箱, 住在房子裡,處於城市中,活在世界上,甚至正在黑箱劇場看這支作品,作品裡我以箱子為四方形的基礎,帶出四方空間的想法,進而引申空間至整個黑箱劇場,甚至擴大四方空間的想像介面至城市、社會或世界…






(1).Production: Kid


Choreographer: Dominique Feng-Hsi Yen

Album: Various-Vollmond Music From The Dance Theatre Of Pina Bausch

Tracks: To the Hills(Variation 1)

Part Two: Aria

Music Design: Ming-Tse Chen

Lighting Design: Tom Sung

Image Design: Tom Sung

The Kid is a dance project that transforms poetry, the most stunning form of Eastern literature, into the most poetic medium in performance art: dance. The project delves into the literary essence of its namesake poem, or underlying text, and then turns that poetic essence into a poetic variety of body language. It breaks through the textural/language barriers as the text becomes body language. In other words, the project’s producer, Dominique Yen, converted Eastern literature into body language so that audiences speaking different languages can “read” the Eastern literature, way of thinking and culture simply by appreciating her dance project. Kid is an artistic feat that incorporates East and West in terms of physical dancing and theatrical aesthetics.

From a reader’s viewpoint, choreographer Dominique Yen “reads” her project and engineers the interplay of light and shadows to depict a mother-child relationship, with light being the child. The project features interactions between shadows and physical objects as well as those between shadows and the dancers’ movements, which are alternately gentle and forceful. The two dancers, one of whom performs in the form of a silhouette while the other is clearly seen, represent darkness and light merging into one. The mother makes warm, gentle hugging and other movements when the lighting dims during the interlude. In this project, noise is interwoven with sounds and melodies into audio effects that symbolize an imaginary medium challenging and evoking auditory sensations of the audience, with the melodies serving as an emotional trigger.




Author: Ai-Lin Yen

You are a pair of scissors that gently

cut me into the shape of a mother,

Wherever there is light,

I am your shadow.

As if I were still pregnant with you,

we are one.

Whenever the light goes off,

I see you standing, alone and independent.

You are a strong magnet,

attracting me,

I want to embrace you tightly, once more.



(2). Production: Box


Choreographed by Dominique Feng-Hsi Yen

Music Source: My Name Is James – DISNEY


Ventolin(Video Version) – APHEX TWIN

Image Design: Jiou Li

Lighting Design: Tom Sung


At birth I opened my eyes and saw the world; at night I close my eyes and enter dreamland. Opening the box to see my dream; closing it to see the world!”

Cubes are ubiquitous in our surroundings: the briefcase we carry to work, the luggage we travel abroad with, the house, city and the world we live in, and even the Black Box Theater in which we watch this particular production. This dance production is an attempt of mine to derive an imaginary cubic interface from a box, and extend it to include the entire Black Box Theater and even the entire city, society or world…

While the box is a stage prop, it is also a symbol and a metaphor. An old suitcase is used to represent a little boy’s simple dream. Later on, the boy’s journey is the successive temporal main axis, while the spatial interface is the secondary axis. Despite the surrounding spatial changes during the journey, the little boy’s dream remains intact inside the box.


Performers: Hsiu-Ju Yang, Wan-Chen Chang, Meng-Ting Liu, Chien-Hsuan Hung, Chih-Wei Yu



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